Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Bands

The Baker Boys

The Baker Boys is a traditional folk and old timey music duo featuring Dave Baker (mandolin, vocal) and Gavin Baker (guitar) with assistance from Caroline Nesbø (vocal).
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Billy Mahonie

Billy Mahonie, instrumental rock band, consisted of Gavin Baker (guitar), Hywell Dinsdale (bass, guitar), Kevin Penney (bass), Howard Monk (drums) from 1997 and 2001. Between 2002 and 2004 Dinsdale and Penney were replaced by Anthony Barratt (guitar) and Duncan Brown (bass). From 2005 to 2010 the band was Baker and Monk in the studio and the original line up for live shows.
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Columbian Hi-Rise

Gavin played with Columbian Hi-Rise between 1996 and 1998. The band were Neil Childs (guitar, vocal), Gavin Baker (guitar), Jon Foster (bass, piano), Tom Graham (drums). They self released an album in 1998.
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The Durells

The Durells was a minimal noise and electronica project with Gavin Baker on his own.
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Enslave The Zombie

Formed in late 2015, Enslave The Zombie is a metal & techno/electronica band consisting of Albert Baker (ipad, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, stylophone,& vocals) sometimes assisted by Gavin Baker (guitar, bass). They have released several eps and albums via their bandcamp page.
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Gavin John Baker

In the last seven years Gavin Baker has released a number of solo albums. A mix of solo acoustic guitar and acoustic drone music.
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Glider played laid back instrumental post rock and were made up of Gavin Baker (guitar, bass) and Pascal Asselin (drums).
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Höglin Baker

Formed in 2015 this is a country and newgrass duo comprising of Gavin Baker (guitar, vocal) and Stefan Höglin (banjo). They released a debut album accompanied by Dave Baker (mandolin) in October 2016.
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Jet Johnson

Jet Johnson, indie folky pop outfit, has been Caroline Nesbø (vocal, guitar, bass) and Gavin Baker (guitar) joined by numerous members over the years: Howard Monk (drums), Kevin Penney (bass), Hywell Dinsdale (drums), Ian Scanlon (bass, vocal), Kevin Smith (drums), Guri Hummelsund (bass), Anthony Barratt (bass, drums), Charles Wilson (drums), Tore Skjulstad Bryhni (bass, vocal), Øyvind Glamo (drums) and Karl Fredrik Alnes (drums).
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Meets Guitar

Meets Guitar was Gavin Baker (vocal, guitar, bass) in solo guise playing alternative country rock music with help from Caroline Nesbø (bass, vocal), and at various times: Kevin Smith (drums), Howard Monk (drums), Tom Cullinan (drums).
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Radio 9

Between November 2011 and June 2013 Gavin Baker was a member of Radio 9, a krautrock band based once in London but now in Oslo. The band has had lots of members over the years, the one constant party being Leon Muraglia (guitar, bass, vocal). The line up at this point was Leon, Christian Næss (drums, vocals, lap top) and Gavin Baker (bass, guitar).
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In April 2013 Gavin formed Sightseers with Vegard Eggum (guitar, vocal) of  As The Tired Trains Cross Europe and Meadows & Io and Christian Børke (drums, keyboards etc) also from Meadows & Io. The band play dirty bluesy krautrock and are currently working on an album.
Sightseers at Big Pink Records
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The Smith And Baker Band

The Smith and Baker Band is an instrumental rock duo comprising of Gavin Baker (guitar, bass) and Kevin Smith (drums).
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Von Block

Von Block, a quirky heavy rock band, consisting of Gavin Baker (guitar), Ole Jørgen Bardal (saxophone), Jørgen Thorbjørnsen (bass) and Tom Byermoen (drums).
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