Friday, December 9, 2016

A Word Of Explanation

First off... don't pay any attention to the blog posting dates on this blog, they are without meaning.

This blog is a discography for musician Gavin John Baker. As well as various solo releases he has made music with the following bands: Billy Mahonie, Jet Johnson, Glider, Meets Guitar, The Baker Boys, Columbian Hi-Rise, The Durells, The Smith and Baker Band, Von Block, Radio 9, Sightseers, Höglin Baker and Enslave The Zombie

There are around 30 albums up on Gavin John Baker's  Bandcamp page. This includes music by most the bands Gavin has been involved with.

Unlabel also have a number of Gavin John Baker and related albums on their bandcamp page.
Gavin John Baker bandcamp
Gavin John Baker soundcloud
Gavin John Baker twitter
Gavin John Baker facebook
Gavin John Baker this is my jam
Gavin John Baker instagram

Billy Mahonie, Jet Johnon and Enslave The Zombie now have their own bandcamp pages:
Billy Mahonie bandcamp
Jet Johnson bandcamp
Enslave The Zombie bandcamp

June 2017

Just finished work on album recorded with the remarkable David CW Briggs.
To be released as a CD on the wonderful Reverb Worship record label possibly at some stage during the summer.
It includes 12 slices of alt-folk pop and rock, is a little psychedelic and is entitled: A Meal For Two.
A video taster from the album: Have You Decided Who I Am To Be can be heard and seen here:

May 2017

Playing a show with Sightseers June 16th Revolver in Oslo.
Supporting Quarter Wolf.
Facebook event for the show

May 2017

New EP by Enslave The Zombie entitled Pumpkinhead is now available.
Six tunes of heavy rock and dumb ass metal.
Out now via Enslave The Zombie bandcamp

April 2017

Mastering new album: Rise With The Sun. Out soon on Big Pink Records
Songs from the album can be heard here:
Gavin John Baker soundcloud

October 2016

The Höglin Baker debut album Once Upon is now available as a physical CD and to stream and download.

Follow this link to stream and download on iTunes / Spotify / Tidal / Amazon / Klicktrack

Once Upon Phonofile link

Or buy it direct from Big Pink Records

The CD version comes in a card sleeve and costs 100kr + postage.
Postage within Norway (where we live) is 20kr. Other countries will be a cheap as humanly possible.If you would like to buy a copy please contact us via or by email:
We will let you know how much the postage will be and the best way to make payment. We can receive payment via vipps, paypal, via a norwegian bank account or via an english bank account.

Tunes from the album can be heard at the Höglin Baker soundcloud page.

August 2016

Höglin Baker now have a website:
They also have a youtube channel now: Höglin Baker youtube
And a facebook and soundcloud page.

May 2016

Gavin John Baker is featured on a new CD and download compilation from Unlabel entitled Undefined. A twenty-four track compilation celebrating 20 years of the label. The tune With A Nod from the album It Took A Thousand Years To Make... is featured. Congratulations Unlabel!


February 2016

A new release by Gavin John Baker on Rotations entitled Tiger Smile is out now.
Twelve tunes of acoustic guitar and vocal.

Available as a bandcamp download now: Tiger Smile

January 2016

A new release by Gavin John Baker on Rotations entitled White Stone Trail is out now.
Ten tunes of acoustic guitar and vocal.

Available as a bandcamp download now: White Stone Trail

December 2015

Gavin and his 6 year old son Albert Baker have formed a metal band named Enslave The Zombie.
Albert Baker plays drums and sings and Gavin Baker on guitar and bass.
The duo released a debut EP in December 2015 entitled Death Moon via their bandcamp site.
Enslave The Zombie Death Moon EP bandcamp

please email me here if you have a question or something: