Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Baker Boys

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Driftwood Boats

Biddy Mulligan
Don’t Let The Deal Go Down
The Gumtree Canoe
Fanny Po’er
I Love The Living You
Si Bheag Si Mor
Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb?
The Friday Night Waltz
Salmon Tails Up The Water
Going Down The Valley
Fifth Dimension
An Mahaighdean Mhora
The Sunnyside Of Life
The Dark Island

CD & Download
Unlabel un5200617
April 2006

Biddy Mulligan is a re-recording of the previously released song and Salmon Tails Up The Water is a remix of the previously released version. Backing vocal by Caroline Nesbø on Don’t Let The Deal Go Down, Going Down The Valley, Fifth Dimension and The Sunnyside of Life.

Piedmont Log Rolling

Willie Moore
Lake Of Crimson
Tombigbee Waltz
Most of All I Want Your Love
Hello Stranger
Not Old Mole
Arajoel Waltz
George Collins
Lardeau Valley Waltz
Bridal March From Setesdal
Felton Lonnin

CD & Download
Bearos Records 070
December 2007

George Collins is a re-recording of the song which appeared on the Two Minute Men compilation. Caroline Nesbø backing vocal on Hello Stranger and Felton Lonnin. Felton Lonnin is a remix of the version which appeared on the Homesleep single in 2003.

Another Fine Mess

Vals Til Anders
Lazy John
Astrid Mi Astrid
Davis Creek Waltz
Leken Hinnes Luisa Mølmann
The Border Widow
Brudemarsj fra Seljord
St Thomas
Per Larsa Leken
Am I Glad The Strike's All Done
Eg Gjette Tulla
When First I Came To Caledonia
Ung Åslaug
Fields Of November

CD & Download
Unlabel un110
November 2014

The Baker Boys

Tula's Waltz
The Spanish Lady
Don't You remember The Time
Felton Lonin (original mix)
George Collins (original version)
Biddy Mulligan (demo)
Salmon Tails Up The Warer (original mix)
Redwing (original mix)
Are You From Dixie?
Battle Of The Somme
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
Kari Pers Polka
Puddehavet (demo)
The white cockade (demo)

Rotations ROT013
November 2016

Compilation of singles, compilation appearances, demos and unreleased recordings.



Felton Lonnin
Meantime (by Meets Guitar)
Memories of Golden Days (by Meets Guitar)

CD single
Homesleep Records SC02
April 2003

Felton Lonnin an uncredited performance by The Baker Boys with backing vocal by Caroline Nesbø.

Meets Guitar EP

Tula’s Waltz
The Spanish Lady
Don’t You Remember The Time
As Yet Untitled (by Meets Guitar)
The How Not The Why (by Meets Guitar)
Sofa Song (by Meets Guitar)

7“ EP
Becalmed Records KLE11
June 2003

Tula’s Waltz, The Spanish Lady and Don’t You Remember The Time are performed, uncredited, by The Baker Boys.


Two Minute Men Vol 2

George Collins

2 7” singles
Jonson Family Recordings JFR 009
April 2003

with I’m Being Good, Bilge Pump, Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg, Cat on Form, Montana Pete, Old Time Relijun, Twinkie, Maquiladora, Joeyfat, Charlottefield, Poplar, Wolf Colonel, Lo Fi Sucks, Fupper, Gatto Ciliegia.

Performance credited to Meets Guitar but is in fact by The Baker Boys.

Two Minute Men CD

George Collins
Klementiev (by Jet Johnson)
As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (by Billy Mahonie)

Jonson Family Recordings JFR 
August 2003

with Southall Riot, The Oedipus, Econoline, Reynolds, Hirameka Hi Fi, Aqua Vista Vs The Surf Creatures, Stef Giaccone, Stanton, Grover, Left Hand, Perturbazione, Short Wave TV, Cove, Klint, I’m Being Good, Bilge Pump, Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg, Cat on Form, Montana Pete, Old Time Relijun, Twinkie, Maquiladora, Joeyfat, Charlottefield, Poplar, Wolf Colonel, Lo Fi Sucks, Fupper, Gatto Ciliegia,The Lords, Sams Hot Car Lot, Monster Bobby, Thread, Trencher, Ships A Going Down, The Lights Alive.

A compilation of both the Two Minute Men singles and some extra tracks. Performance credited to Meets Guitar but is in fact by The Baker Boys.

Bearos 40

Biddy Mulligan

Bearos Records 040
September 2003

with Dept Noise X Terror, Owen Tromans, Baxxter, Dreams of Tall Buildings, Grover, Grandscope, Super A, KlusterB, Og's Bunkadoo Band, The Regulars, The Starries, The Toques, The Treble Kickers, The Splendid, Papa November, San Lorenzo, Ben Calvert.

Demo version of the tune re-recorded for the first Baker Boys album. Free CD to celebrate Bearos Records fifth birthday.

Roadkill Fanzine Issue #4: Gavin Baker EP

Salmon Tails Up The River
The Trees In The Old Wood (by Meets Guitar)
The Day (by Glider)
Death Song (acoustic) (by Jet Johnson)
Fishing With A Man For A Shark (live) (by Billy Mahonie)

Roadkill duff 003
July 2004

Salmon Tails Up The River is the incorrect name for the song, it’s correct title is Salmon Tails Up The Water. It was remixed for the Baker Boys debut album.

Let's Dream It, Dream It For Free, Free CD


Bearos Records, Static Caravan, Pickled Egg, Where It's At Is Where You Are, Victory garden, Vacuous pop Recordings, Fortuna Pop ATPSPRING2007
April 2007

Dj Downfall, Swedish Chef, Rose Melberg, One More Grain, The Phil Collins Three, Southall Riot, The Original Beekeppers, An Emergency, Youth Movies, Trouble Everyday, Breakneck Static, Men-An Tol, Danny Norbury, Serafina Steer, Fulborn Teversham, Dragon or Emperor, Mass Shivers, Apatt, Airport Girl, The Mountain Movers, The lovs, The Butterflies Of Love, My Sad Captains, The Chemistry Experiement, Richard Burke, Lazarus Clamp, Clair Horton, Mills and Boon.

This is a differnt mix from the song which appears on the Piedmont Log Rolling album: an earlier mix without some overdubs. A joint release by all the labels given away as a free promo at All Tomorrows Parties Festival, April 2007.

Art For Land's Sake

Willie Moore

Art For Lands Sake
July 2007

This is the same version which appeares on Piedmont Log Rolling album. Available to download only. All money raised went toward buying permaculture land.