Friday, November 25, 2016

The Smith And Baker Band

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Great Snakes

Petter Gunn
Universe Maker
She Needs A Plan
That's The Band
Meeting Point
Tea Up
Thirteen Two
Clap Tests

CD & Download
Unlabel un073
October 2009

Debut release by the duo of Gavin Baker and Kevin Smith.


Bah Unbug

Petter Gunn
New Cheap Funk (by Billy Mahonie)

3 CD
Unlabel un077
December 2009

with Dolphin Paradise, Charlottefield, Hyper Black Bass, The Help Movement, Joeyfat, The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers, Kevin Tomkins, Everything Everthing, Kogumaza, Circle Queen, Gold Blood, Karl Brummer, Great Ancestors, R.L. Wilson, Voo, Bilge Pump, Lights, I Coelacanth, The Bela Lugosi Blues, Brassica, Dorcis, Neverest Songs, Headquaters, Deadboy, Everyone To The Anderson, Tom Williams, Cove, Chain St & 4th, Cestrian, Honey Ride Me A Goat, Hunter's Loaf, Klaus, Wheels, Ali Renault, Wolves, All The Mouth parts, Kid Pang, The Hills Have Riffs, The Sans Pareil, Sails, Krisy And The Jackdaws, Elks, Penguini Sinistero.

This the same version of Petter Gunn that appeared on the Great Snakes album.