Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Höglin Baker

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Once Upon

Once Upon
Don't Talk About Work
One Day
Disaster At The Gunpowder Mill
The Wind Riles Me Plenty
Long After
The Kongsberg Riot Song
Churchyard At Midnight 
A Hundred Days
Moonshine On My Mind 
Goodnight Sweetheart

October 2016 

Gavin Baker (vocal, guitar), Stefan Höglin (5-string banjo), Dave Baker (mandolin)

Höglin Baker's Old Timey Mix

The Werewolf
The Battle Of The Somme
The Roving Gambler
Reiselått Etter Gamle Kleven
Gum Tree Canoe
Steam Powered Aereo Plane
Battleship Of Maine
The Hills Of Greenmore
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
Don't let Your Deal Go Down
Shady Grove

January 2018 

Dave Baker (vocal, mandolin), Gavin Baker (vocal, guitar), Stefan Höglin (5-string banjo).

1. The Werewolf. Written by Michael Hurley. Source: Barry Dransfield.
2. The Battle Of The Somme. Written by William Lawrie. Source: The Albion Band.
3. The Roving Gambler. Traditional. Source: The Down Hill Strugglers with John Cohen.
4. Reiselått Etter Gamle Kleven. Traditional. Source: Christian Borlaug.
5. Gum Tree Canoe Written by Silas Sexton Steele. Source: John Hartford.
6. Steam Powered Aereo Plane. Written by John Hartford. Source: John Hartford.
7. Linda-Kia. Written by Stanley G Triggs. Source: Stanley G Triggs.
8. Battleship Of Maine. Traditional. Sources: Red Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers & The New Lost City Ramblers.
9. The Hills Of Greenmore. Traditional. Source: Steeleye Span.
10. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms. Written by Anthony J Showalter. Source: Iris DeMent
11. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down. Traditional. Source: Fiddlin' John Carson.
12. Shady Grove. Traditional. Source: Jerry Garcia and David Grisman.


Höglin Baker Demo

One Day
The Wind Riles Me Plenty
Once Upon
Churchyard At Midnight
Long After
Goodnight Sweetheart
Moonshine On My Mind
She Said 'Hooo'

Rotations ROT010
September 2015

Gavin Baker (vocal, guitar), Stefan Höglin (5-string banjo).